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Experienced New England Roofers

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We’ve Been Building in Hudson, MA and surrounding towns for over 12 years.

Our home builders and construction crews have been crafting beautiful homes and interiors for over 12 years in the Metrowest Region outside of Boston. With over 500 happy customers and a reputation for the highest quality standards, we’re a natural choice for your new roofing contractor.

What You’ll Get With Your New Roof:

With the E-Roof’s crew, you get a whole lot more on your new roof than shingles.

Old Roof Removal

Say goodbye to your old roof, no matter how many layers of shingles you have.

Off With the Old

We’ll strip off everything, down to the boards of your roof. We’ll nail down any loose boards and start with a fresh canvas.

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Home Protection

What's underneath your shingles makes all the difference. We know what to do.

New Shields & Drip Edge

We install new water and ice around the entire perimeter of your roof, and make sure any chimney or skylight is protected, too.

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10-Year Warranty

Sleep soundly, knowing that we back our work up with a 10-year warranty.

We Stand By Our Work

All workmanship included in every single roof we install is covered by our 10-year warranty. It’s our promise to you.

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With every roof, you can expect our team to:

  • Strip entire roof to boards and nail down any loose roof boards
  • Install new ice and water shield around the entire perimeter of the roof (6 feet up from bottom) and all valleys; any shallow-pitched sections (<4:12) will be completely covered in ice and water shield
  • Install new synthetic roofing underlayment above ice and water shield to ridge
  • Install new white or aluminum drip edge to all roof edges and rakes
  • Install new shingles to entire roof
  • Install new ice and water shield to entire chimney area
  • Install new pipe flanges to all pipes
  • Install new ridge vent to main ridge of house
  • Tarps will be used to protect home and property during roof installation
  • Magnetic cleanup of all nails left over from demo/installation
  • Remove all debris from site
  • Gain a permit where applicable
  • Provide our five-year warranty on all workmanship

Please note:

The utmost care will be taken by E-Roofs contractors to maintain the integrity of your home and property.  However, E-Roofs will not be responsible for any damage to tree branches, shrubberies, or flower beds that may occur during roof demo and installation, or any dust in attic area that similarly results from work.

All E-Roofs subcontractors are covered by workers compensation and general liability insurance policies, and are regularly reviewed to ensure the highest craftsmanship standards.  Most roofs are completed in one day with a large work force.

What Our Customers Say

“E-Roofs was great to work with!  The project manager took care of all of the logistics of getting the materials, dumpster, cleaning up after, etc.  They stripped the whole roof and got it all replaced and cleaned up in one day!  We could not have been happier with this company!”

“E-Roofs replaced the roof on my house and the process was seamless!  From the time I clicked and scheduled the job, I got a follow-up and the pieces started to fall into place.  The next day there was a dumpster in the driveway and the materials showed up the next day.  The guys got the job done quickly and everything was cleaned up and gone as if nothing had happened!  Was very pleased with the work and the quality of the crew, would highly recommend E-Roofs!”


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